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Chin Chang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. 志昌塑膠工業股份有限公司

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ISO 9001
Upload Date: 2013-01-31        Hits: 2911        Back to List
Certifying Authority:   AFNOR ASIA Issue Date:   2011-03-31
Upload Date:   2013-01-31 Valid until:   2015-01-31
Certificate Introduction
In company management and structure, we have passed AFNOR ISO 9001 Certification.  That will make our customers more reliable and comfortable to do business with Chin Chang Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd. Chin Chang Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd will continue to serve our customers with high quality, innovative R&D, and improving production skill. Chin Chang Plastic Ind. Co., Ltd,  is your most valuable and reliable business partner.  
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ISO 9001